When Will The Fantastic Four Cast For The MCU Be Revealed?

Fantastic Four

The current timetable for Fantastic Four fits Marvel Studios’ standard turnaround of one year between the beginning of production on a movie and its release, with filming beginning in early 2024 for a February 2025 release. 

Marvel Studios will thus need to secure the highly sought-after main parts in Fantastic Four before the year is over, which means Marvel’s First Family cast will be unveiled in 2023. Marvel Studios is aware of how eager fans are to learn who will play the Fantastic Four in the MCU, so the announcement should be made in the manner that has brought Marvel the most success in the past.

The cast of the Fantastic Four movie should be revealed in an electrifying presentation, as Marvel Studios is renowned for doing with audiences when showcasing its film and Disney+ slates. 

When San Diego Comic-Con opens in July, Hall H is sure to be jam-packed with fans and media members eager to learn who will be the MCU’s Fantastic Four for the ensuing ten years. Any kind of surprise that does not follow the MCU Multiverse Saga announcement from the previous year, in which Kevin Feige appeared on stage to unveil the Fantastic Four casting, seems doubtful.

All that remains to be determined is who is up for a role in the Fantastic Four movie, with San Diego Comic-Con being the most likely location for the announcement of the cast. Over the last year, certain names have been thrown around, including a variety of celebrities including Diego Luna (Andor), Jodie Comer (Killing Eve), Ryan Gosling (La La Land), and others. Some of those names gained popularity among fans, but Shakman’s most recent update successfully disproved them.

Despite what would seem like an easy choice for Mister Fantastic, John Krasinski said he hasn’t spoken to Marvel about the movie. It’s unclear if Shakman and Marvel will invite him to come back and assemble the team around him or decide to use a whole new cast for the Fantastic Four film.