Christoph Waltz Starring In Action Comedy Old Guy

Christoph Waltz

If you’re accustomed to viewing Christoph Waltz as a kind father figure or a psychotic killer (or something in between), he’s been trying to change things up lately with the action comedy Old Guy and the upcoming comedy The Consultant on Prime Video.

Waltz will play aged contract assassin Terry Eubanks in Old Guy, which stars Simon West of Con Air and writing by Greg Johnson. Eubanks still thinks he’s the finest at what he does despite his advanced age. Terry, who is at a dead end, is happy when The Company asks him to return to the field, but only to train Gen Z rookie Wihlborg, an abrasive genius assassin.

The mismatched team is tasked with taking out key figures from a rival crime organization. In doing so, they learn their employer’s ultimate goal: toppling the old guard in a thorough takeover. The Company didn’t realize that the kid’s intelligence and Terry’s experience would forge such an unexpected relationship, allowing them to turn the tables on The Company.

West mentioned:

“It’s very rare that a script like this one comes along. When it does you have to grab it with both hands and don’t let it go until you find your perfect actor. I’ve wanted to work with Christoph Waltz for many years. He is one of the most versatile actors working today. I can’t wait to see him create yet another unique and iconic character.”