Loe Shimmy Conquers New Fans With “Fallin”

Loe Shimmy

Multi-talented rapper Loe Shimmy has mastered his craft and his popularity is exponentially rising with every new piece. His recent release is “Fallin”, a song with profound meaning and a signature chill vibe to it that makes it perfect for self-reflection, deep conversations, or even a night drive. “I got in the booth of the head and just expressed how I was and am feeling at the moment,” Shimmy said about his new track. He also mentioned an upcoming album that is in the works and will drop in the first half of 2023. 

“I don’t have to put much thought in my music. It comes naturally because this is my way of expressing myself, it’s  artwork to me…I first started making music in 2018 with my first song called “Booted” on YouTube. I didn’t always know I would be a rapper. I didn’t start taking it seriously until a few years ago,” Shimmy shared in his interview. Inspired by Drake, Future, and The Weeknd, Loe Shimmy always aims to keep his music versatile and authentic, and so far he’s managing to do more than just that. “Fallin” music video has over 150K views already, and his other pieces have gathered audiences of hundreds of thousands of listeners. 

Many artists are trying to penetrate the world of hip-hop, where the best skill does not guarantee success. However, for Loe Shimmy there is no greater joy than to simply share his true self with the audience, lending him more than just authenticity but also a fanbase that cannot wait to hear more!