Juan Minatta Introduces Different Versions of “after the aftermath” In New EP

Argentine rising artist Juan Minatta gives fans a taste of his versatility by releasing various new renditions of the very successful single “after the aftermath.” The young singer-songwriter collaborates with Backbeat Records founder and acclaimed producer Micaela Blue, dropping a compilation EP called after the aftermath (remixes).

The new record brings forth Minatta’s talent and delivers a distinct sound that fuses elements of EDM, Dance, and Pop. The EP includes the “after the aftermath-don’t rain on my parade” remix, in addition to a sped-up and a slowed-reverb version of the track.

Minatta reveals that “after the aftermath” is an “intimate piano ballad about looking back at a past relationship with a certain nostalgic feeling, thinking about the joy it brought while it lasted and how everything eventually faded into it being just a memory.”

“You only get to know love when it fades away/ Like standing under the storm that rains on your parade,” sings Juan in the lyrics that depict the aftermath of heartbreak. He continues: “And it’s gotten better but it’ll take some time/ So I’ll hold on ’til it breaks me to protect you from that/ When the light outweighs the tears again/ Just know that I’ll love you just the same/ After the aftermath.”

Released on November 4, 2022, “after the aftermath” put Juan Minatta on the map and helped him become a chart-topping artist. The single reached No. 1 on Iceland’s Top 50 and hit number 17 on New Zealand’s Top 50 Spotify list.

Watch the lyric video for “after the aftermath” here:

Listen to after the aftermath here: