Get To Know Peg Luke, Renowned Composer, Singer, And Flutist

peg luke

Singer-songwriter and multi-talented artist Peg Luke recently shared a new piece “Almighty, Victorious”, bringing stunning bagpipes and fiddle melody to listeners all over the world. The Emmy and Grammy-nominated composer has performed on the most prestigious stages and continues to create and share luminous classical music with her audiences. We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Peg Luke about “Almighty, Victorious” and her upcoming projects! Enjoy the read!

Congratulations on your latest release “Almighty, Victorious”! What an epic piece! Tell us a bit about why you chose this particular hymn paired with bagpipes.

Thank you very much. Yes, I think it is epic as well as I took the very powerful text from the classic hymn, ‘Immortal, Invisible’ and paired it with a brand new vibe. That hymn always rang true to me. It is a very positive and powerful piece of music and I decided to change the mood with bagpipes and fiddle. Each instrument I dearly love, and when I reworked the tune I heard these two instruments prominently displayed.

As a renowned artist and sought-out accompanist, you’ve been all over the world, performing on various stages. Which of your concerts has been the most exciting and unforgettable? How so?

 There are many concerts that stand out. I believe the last concert I performed at Carnegie Hall stood out to me. I was the only concert in the venue that evening and the line to get in to see me went to the corner of the block outside and my management was turning people away. I performed the Vivaldi Four Seasons and people were applauding and yelling “Bravo” after each small section. That was memorable. Their energy was something else.

You started playing the piano and the flute quite early, around the age of 5. What sparked your interest in these instruments? How difficult or easy was it to combine learning both as well as singing and composing?

I never found it difficult, the inner spark was always there. I felt a call from my Higher Power to start young and stick with it. I had supportive parents.

Many of your works are known for their religious themes. Can you tell us more about this? Why and how does your art reflect your own beliefs?

Oh my goodness, my Godly beliefs have kept me alive. Without God, I would not be here. I have too much hardship in my life battling a rare and painful autoimmune disease that keeps me isolated during this pandemic, losing so many of my friends and family, and keeping my music alive. My faith is everything to me. That is why it has become such a big part of my music testimony.

Do you think many listeners these days understand and appreciate classical music? Why or why not? What could be done to bring ordinary people closer to this majestic genre?

Wow, what a great question. I think the general public understands classical music more than we want to give them credit for. They hear it all the time, in commercials, social media, comics, movies, etc.  The music most people listen to today has developed out of the music we associate with the classics. I think there is a thread that attaches all music together. You can’t make people listen to a certain type of music, you have to bring it to them. It is important that our music continues to evolve and reinvent itself.

We’ve heard that there is a mysterious Christmas project you’ve been working hard on. Can you tell us anything about this? 

Yes, there is this wonderful, mysterious Christmas Project that is developing as we connect. It will include many classic tunes, such as ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’, ‘O, Holy Night’s but then there are several classics that I have arranged and there will be some brand new tunes that I have composed. So far, the project sounds amazing! I can’t wait to bring it to you!

What should fans expect next, after the glorious “Almighty, Victorious”?

I have some incredible new singles I am working on, including one that is near and dear to my heart ‘I Am Home, Lord’, which is dedicated to all the refugees around the world right now. There will be more music coming your way!

Check out “Almighty, Victorious” below!