TOVE Drops New Track “Pretty Sequence”

TOVE's "Pretty Sequence" cover art

We return to Sweden for a “Pretty Sequence” with the singer TOVE and to sleep on a bed of synthesizers. It’s independent, lo-fi, new, and a little trippy! What else is there to say? The song, “Pretty Sequence,” combines elements of psychedelic rock, indie rock, and primal music. It has excellent vocals and melodies, as well as engrossing atmospheres, making it a nice tune to listen to. Cabe draws attention to the chorus, which hooks listeners right away.

Speaking about “Pretty Sequence,” TOVE mentioned: 

“Imagine having a partner who pushes you aside at parties to try to sleep with other people. And it happens so much, so often that you could feel a cartoonish thought bubble showing over your head, a display of the daydream you have about a secret wish that the partner actually cheats on you, so that they no longer can gaslight you into thinking you’re just selfish and jealous, and so that you have a real reason to leave them behind and move alone into the woods instead. This is Pretty Sequence <3”

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