Tim McGeary Collaborates With Cody Longo And Johnny Lucas On “Count On Me”

Tim McGeary's "Count On Me" cover art

Tim McGeary has come together with Cody Longo and Johnny Lucas and created the outstanding single “Count On Me.” This latest tune should be automatically added to your daily playlist as it lifts up your mood in a second. Take a listen to it below!

Even after practicing his profession for a few decades, McGeary’s devotion to his inspiration has never wavered, and it is still as fierce as ever. His enthusiasm, his need to connect with his listeners, and his need to convey his feelings and wishes are all brought on by the spiritual core of performing music.

Given his commitment, it comes as no surprise that his songs have been used in popular television programs including “Smallville,” “One Tree Hill,” and “Glory Days,” as well as the made-for-HBO movie “Girl Got Moe.” McGeary’s compositions are not just the ideal background music for Hollywood hitmakers, but also for regular people who can identify with those private emotions and link them to their own.

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