Greesha Releases The Stunning Melodic Single “Shy”

cover art of Greesha's "Shy"

Independent artist, producer, playlist curator, and singer-songwriter Greesha takes the crowds by surprise and drops a gorgeous melodic hit single simply titled “Shy.” His International background and mastery of different languages allow him to produce different styles and spark a special appeal among music lovers worldwide. 

Always working with the best producers globally, his journey began at seven years old singing at his local church choir. He then also learnt the piano, guitar and music production. With hundreds of thousands of streams, he is the embodiment of a successful independent artist. Of course, nothing happens randomly, and it is through persistent dedication and limitless hard work that he was able to manage his own career in such inspiring ways. He is also an artist in perpetual search for new collaborations and projects. 

“Shy” offers a full-on display of his versatile capabilities as an artist, producer and singer-songwriter ready to conquer the world with his unique craft. 

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