Tuxedo Cake Unveils Anthemic Indie-Rock Single Titled “Sand On The Shore”

Tuxedo Cake

San Diego-based indie rock band Tuxedo Cake is releasing a brand new single titled “Sand On The Shore.” Originally started as a college project between friends, the members of Tuxedo Cake quickly realized they wanted to continue to create music with heart-on-sleeve lyrics paired with an upbeat sound. Tuxedo Cake draws inspiration from numerous genres, such as funk, surf rock, and indie rock, while still seeking to craft a unique and genuine sound. Tuxedo Cake consists of Andrew Ginzel, Dylan Alvarado, Tyler Herzog, Josh Connett, and Gabe Tacklind. 

Their new song offers a great display of both their individual and collective abilities, giving life to a mesmerizing single. Released on december 10, this high-energy track impresses with its gorgeous vocals, stunning chord progressions, and thrilling beats. 

“Sand On the Shore” also gives music fans of the band’s upcoming album, building a solid momentum until the final collection drops in the near future. 

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