Stream & Watch Greg Hoy and The Boys’ Energizing New Hit “Everybody Wants To Be Somebody”

Grey Hoy and The Boys

Rock act Grey Hoy and The Boys have just recently released a powerful new hit titled “Everybody Wants To Be Somebody.” This stunning new single sees the band at the top of their abilities, delighting the crowds with energizing vibes that sustain throughout the 3:12 minutes masterwork. 

Greg Hoy has been shaping his trajectory for over nearly 20 years of tearing up the indie rock scene. East coast, west coast, midwest, it’s all about wherever his vintage Airstream RV takes him and he’s logged some serious mileage in the process. In fact, he has even channeled his experiences into a podcast series, The Limited Mileage Podcast, to talk to “interesting people about interesting things.”

Never one to sit still, Hoy has already secluded himself, quarantine-style, in the legendary Tiny Telephone studio to not-so-secretly write and commit a fresh batch of rock pop tracks to classic 2 inch tape for release later this year. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, though; there’s still plenty of powder left in this chamber to make Greg Hoy & The Boys the summer rocker you need.

The immense new track and music video “Everybody Wants To Be Somebody” takes listeners on an unforgettable journey in which electric guitar solos and explosive vocals merge to perfection to produce one of the rock hits of the month. What a way to wrap-up the year!

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