Mack Imagine Drops A New Track “Don’t Give Up On Me Yet”

Mack Imagine has dropped a new tune that needs to be added right to your daily playlist. The wonderfully crafted song “don’t give up on me yet” is about being afraid of losing the one person who can lift your spirits when you’re in a bad mood. Your mind is filled with negative ideas, and you are not of how to get yourself out just yet. All you know is that when things start to get better, you want your partner to still be there.

Matt and Jack have always considered Southern California to be their home, and Mack Imagine would not be possible without it. Jack and Matt first connected via music while they were in middle school. They were both enthralled by the way that music could uniquely communicate stories about life. 

They initially started writing cover songs and playing shows for fun, but by the time the pandemic hit, they realized their lonesome songs had so much more potential. The birth of Mack Imagine was confirmed. Although it has been a long road since Matt and Jack first started writing, this is only the beginning.

With thousands of streams on Spotify already, “Don’t Give Up On Me Yet” is on its way to the top of the charts.

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