DJ Dobrel Presents A New Single “Where You Going Now”

cover art for "Where You Going Now" by DJ Dobrel and Okafuwa

Dublin based DJ & producer has dropped a new single titled “Where You Going Now.” Dobrel and Okafuwa’s cooperation is really intriguing. Dance music with atmospheric undertones and engaging lyrics and vocals is captivating to listen to.

Cork, Ireland, where he was born and bred, was at the time a hotbed for dance music, with artists like Kerri Chandler maintaining a residency at the city’s notorious Sir Henry’s nightclub. His enthusiasm for House and Dance music was natural given the vibrant electronic music environment.

Moving to Dublin coincided with the conclusion of the major club era before the scene began to take on a more underground feel. He started experimenting with music production while there, and in 2016 he published his debut song, Shake The Joppa. DJ Dobrel has already signed with Loudkult Records, Wern Records, and Nest and has already released tracks on those labels, with many more to follow.

Deep House is where DJ Dobrel has discovered his real calling. He is free to produce a wide range of electronic music, including House, Techno, Trance, and “Modern Deep House,” as EDM Nations has called it.

These days, DJ Dobrel is always putting out new music on his own while also working on other collaborations. DJ Dobrel’s skill extends to his live performances, where he produces spectacular sets fit for club and festival play while enticing audiences to interact with him. Watch DJ Dobrel’s animated live streaming on Mixcloud to get a flavor of what his performances are like.

DJ Dobrel can be found on Spotify