FAIM Announce Your Life and Nothing Else & Share New Single “Silver Spoon”


FAIM, the hardcore band from Denver return with “Silver Spoon,” a new track from their upcoming album Your Life and Nothing Else.  Produced by Jack Shirley, the anticipated LP is set to be released March 3, 2022 via Safe Inside Records.

Kat Lanzillo; band’s vocalist explained that “This song is about how frustrating it is to watch white, upper middle class men fuck up their lives in their 20s and somehow end up making six figures once they get over their Peter Pan stage.”

She continues, “It doesn’t matter that many of them identify as a leftist. They are just continuing the cycle of white men being on top with very little effort and everyone else having to scrape and crawl to gain any ground. Also, they should try to be friends with people who aren’t just white men.”

“Silver Spoon” is the follow-up to “Uninhabitable,” a two-track single that includes “Hide Behind Your Badge.” Rumor has it Your Life And Nothing Else will be the last release from FAIM, who had made an impressive debut with Hollow Hope.

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Listen to “Silver Spoon” here: