K.tothe.A.Y. Presents A New Blazing Track “PatiencE Of TimE”

K.tothe.A.Y.'s “PatiencE Of TimE”

K.tothe.A.Y. drops a new track titled “PatiencE Of TimE.” This song talks about giving yourself plenty of time to receive whatever is intended for you. Sometimes we need immediate pleasure and can’t wait to obtain it, yet patience is required.

K.tothe.A.Y. is a powerful and flexible musician from the East Coast whose music combines a variety of styles, from the hard edge of hip-hop to the soft grooves of R&B and the vibes of Afrobeat and Afropop. It is clear that K.tothe.A.Y. is a native of Brooklyn, New York. When it comes to the potential of his songwriting, K.tothe.A.Y. won’t let himself be confined. Fortunately, sometimes, one of these jewels manages to land in the limelight, and K.tothe.A.Y. is in this position. 

With a distinctive sound that straddles the hands-on approach of Afrobeat and the warmth and melody of the most soulful and instinctual R&B, this gifted musician goes for the kill with a personal, vibrant, expressive, and one-of-a-kind style.

With thousands of streams on Spotify already, K.tothe.A.Y. is on his way to the top of the charts. Make sure you check out his socials below and take a listen to “PatiencE Of TimE” on Spotify as well!

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