Aleq La Firma Releases A Fresh Tune “La Influencer”

Aleq La Firma "La Influencer"

Colombian emerging artist, singer, and composer of Latin music Aleq La Firma has released a new single titled “La Influencer.” This amazing artist wants to show that influencers are more than what is depicted on the networks, that sacrifices are made behind every article or publication that goes unnoticed, that influencers are not simply anyone, and that they possess extraordinary creativity.

It is challenging to maintain a healthy mental and physical state so as to produce high-quality material, therefore “La Influencer” was formed out of a collective inspiration in the feminine figure.

Aleq La Firma’s musical line includes urban rhythms such as rap, afrobeat, dancehall, EDM, and especially reggaeton. Beat K Million, a sound engineer who has worked with musicians including Blessd, Ryan Castro, and Feid among others, handled the mix and mastering for “La Influencer.”

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