Rowe Releases Her Third Single “Daze”

“Daze” has been dropped by the outstanding Rowe. A moody, R&B/Neo Soul-inspired song about losing yourself in the throes of confusing love, “Daze” is about being utterly bewildered and disoriented by a relationship. Despite your best efforts, it was never enough. It’s about stopping playing their games and gaining power and clarity. 

In the midst of a turbulent relationship, “Daze” is an engrossing look at first losing oneself and then ultimately rediscovering strength and clarity. It’s simply a preview of what Rowe will provide in 2023. With thousands of streams on Spotify already, Rowe is on her way to the top of the charts!

Filip linked up with Nashville-based musician and producer Micah Tawlks, a dependable childhood friend whose role in her life has gone full circle with this release, as part of her commitment to safeguarding her artistic individuality. Filip remembers Tawlks having a significant musical effect on them as youngsters. 

Currently, Tawlks is assisting Filip in realizing her creative vision by fusing mellow, soulful vocals with smoldering, vintage jazz music to create a timeless yet cutting-edge sound.

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