Peyton Shay Shares A New Track “Badder Than The Bad Boys”

Peyton Shay drops a new hit titled “Badder Than The Bad Boys.” The song “Badder Than The Bad Boys” is about her thinking and speaking the way she wants to, not the way other people expect her to. Peyton Shay wants her audience to feel empowered and find their true selves as a result of this song. With more than 90 thousand streams on Spotify alone, Peyton Shay is on her way to the top of the charts!

In high school, the concept of “Badder Than The Bad Boys” first emerged. Peyton Shay was raised in a highly conventional community where everyone adhered to certain norms and expectations, even the “bad boys.” She simply couldn’t take it and yearned to rule the world and live her life as she saw fit. 

Peyton Shay spent several years honing her technique in the recording studio after charting at #18 in the US and #7 in the UK. Her self-assured and distinctive records, which draw inspiration from current rock and pop nostalgia from the 2000s, depict the development of adolescence. Shay has always turned to music and songwriting as a method to let go of tension and express herself because life is filled with uncontrollable challenges.

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