Jake Adler Shares New Sensational Track “HEART WON’T LET ME”

Jake Adler releases a new single titled “HEART WON’T LET ME.” The emotional tug-of-war of intrusive thoughts that torture people and create illogical concerns and issues is the subject of the song “HEART WON’T LET ME.” Jake Adler is bringing the year to a close with a bang with “HEART WON’T LET ME.” 

“HEART WON’T LET ME” will quickly make you feel sentimental thanks to the flawless orchestration and superb vocals. He’s shown that all he needs to produce a banger is his voice and a guitar, so the rest of his work won’t let you down. Jake Adler is the musician you should be listening to if indie pop music is your thing.

With incredible success over the past three years, Jake has established himself in the constantly evolving music industry. Over the course of his career, he has amassed over 3 million streams on well-known sites. 

Both syndicated spots on a well-known television series and several reputable music websites have highlighted Jake’s musical compositions. Jake, who is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and who has only just turned 26 years old, is a person of modest means.

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