Jadel Shares The Music Video For “Hot Topic”

Singer-songwriter Jadel has released the music video of her latest tune “Hot Topic.” The beautiful vocalist performs with all of her charm and musical and artistic prowess. She adds such enthusiasm to her music video that she is capturing the hearts of everyone who watches this magnificent work of art. 

She is able to introduce parts of her culture while also showcasing her musical identity through a wholly unique sound. With thousands of streams on Spotify already, Jadel is on her way to the top of the charts!

Jardine Cherelle Legere, best known by her stage as “Jadel,” is an independent recording artist who enjoys listening to music from Trinidad & Tobago. She is a mother and a musician. When Jadel was barely 9 years old, she discovered her passion for music. 

She participated in the choirs at her church and school when she was younger. She spent most of her adolescent years singing in the school chorus. The opportunity to collaborate with well-known Caribbean bands Surface and Traffik is what drove Jadel to move to America.

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