ECHLO Drops A New Track “One Man Show”

ECHLO has dropped a new single titled “One Man Show.” A song with nice vapor and sound will tempt your feet to dance a little bit as the minutes pass. A man in “One Man Show” utilizes desire and romance to stoke his ego and give his surface-level existence the appearance of depth. His delicate, chivalrous persona draws women to him, and as a vampire, he steals both their stories and their hearts.

She offers a scathing analysis of the widely accepted political, social, and economic concepts that keep us prisoner, reflecting the concerns of her generation in her uncompromising rejection of society’s systemic patterns. Chloe’s minimalist sea is built with live percussion and electronic sounds, and she draws inspiration from artists like Sade and Massive Attack.

ECHLO is a reflection of Chloe Charles’ history that is trying to start again by leaving behind the sorrow and mistakes and just maintaining memories of the lessons learnt. Her Trini-Canadian heritage and struggle to be acknowledged as a black woman in Toronto’s largely male-dominated music environment drive the unyielding grit of her work.

With stories about her experimentation with polyamory, anti-establishment tales that some might consider conspiracies, the inability to commit to one love, and the conviction that mental illness is a sane response to a sick society, ECHLO is determined to push back against the expectations of an all-too-often inhumane society.

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