Definately Not Luke Shares New Track “3AM”

The latest single from Definately Not Luke, “3AM,” features extremely well-programmed beats that act as a solid foundation for bass lines to set off perfect grooves, as well as synths with sensational harmonies that create a magnificent environment for the vocals to run their melodious lyrical through a masterful sound, showcasing all the competence and inspiration of this duo.

The instrumentals complement their vocals perfectly and are on target. The production is excellent, and the harmonies are perfect. You’ll have this song stuck in your mind for a while since it’s so good. Ensure that you include this one in your playlists. 

It all comes together in a way that is so captivating and seductive that it simply strikes you like a gentle fire. So pay great attention and let your senses to be fully immersed in this universe, which starts to beckon you the minute you hit play.

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