Marcus Mumford Teases A Mumford & Sons Reunion And A New Album

Following his solo album, British-American singer-songwriter, Marcus Mumford, is ready to get back with his band members to work on a new album, “The next thing really is to get in the room with the boys in the band and start playing each other the songs we’ve written.” 

The frontman was a guest on Willie Geist’s Sunday TODAY show, which is set to air this Sunday, Nov. 27, on NBC. During the interview, he mentioned that he’s got a bunch of songs “that are kind of ready to go. And then we’ll make a record, and tour it, and get to do what we love.” 

Mumford & Sons last released Delta about four years ago. With the departure of guitarist and banjo player Winston Marshall, it is likely that the band will come together without him. 

In addition to hinting at a Mumford & Sons reunion, Marcus also plans to put out more solo music, following the release of his solo album, Self-Titled, “I’d quite like to write an album that has completely nothing to do with me. That would be fun. I think that’d be much harder, actually, just sort of an imagination album. [Bob] Dylan’s very good at those — although he says every song you write is eventually about yourself.”