Babyface Ray Shares A Preview Of His Upcoming Album Mob

Detroit rapper, Babyface Ray, announces his second album of 2022, called Mob. The full-length LP will be released on December 2 via Wavy Gang/Empire and will include singles like “Nice Guy” and “Spend It,” featuring Blxst and Nija.

Ray released a sneak preview of Mob, featuring a sign that says, “It only took Babyface Ray 10 years to become Detroit’s Hottest Rapper.”  In the recently introduced visuals, a jury panel asks “contestants” to listen to Ray’s new album before its launch. 

Each participant takes a seat in front of the “judges,” puts on a pair of headphones, and listens to what appears to be Ray’s new album.  The listeners seem to be enthralled by the music, as the camera records their reactions. By the end of the video, the rapper makes a short appearance, announcing the viewers the title of his new LP, Mob.

The American Hip Hop artist revealed in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, “I approach every album the same. I just do me. Every record I do is whatever I go through at that time.”

Babyface Ray had a successful 2022 with Face. The 20-track record featured “Sincerely Face,” “Dancing With the Devil,” with Pusha T, and many more popular tracks like “Go Yard,” “Let Me Down,” “Needed Some Love,” and “Blood, Sweat & Tears.”

Watch the teaser trailer of Mob here: