Kali Malone Introduces Upcoming Album Does Spring Hide Its Joy

Following this year’s record Living Torch, Stockholm-based composer Kali Malone announces the release of a new album Does Spring Hide Its Joy. The forthcoming LP will be out January 20th via Ideologic Organ and features cellist Lucy Railton and electric guitarist and Sunn O))) member Stephen O’Malley. 

“Does Spring Hide Its Joy v2​.​3.” will be the first to come out of the two-hour record. Using pipe organ and tuned oscillators, Malone recorded the album with O’Malley and Railton in 2020, in Berlin’s Funkhaus. 

Malone explains how the album came together and how she rediscovered her sound, “Like most of the world, my perception of time went through a significant transformation during the pandemic confinements of spring 2020. Unmarked by the familiar milestones of life, the days and months dripped by, instinctively blending with no end in sight.”

Unable to keep track of time and space, Malone admits, “Time stood still until subtle shifts in the environment suggested there had been a passing. Memories blurred non-sequentially, the fabric of reality deteriorated, unforeseen kinships formed and disappeared, and all the while, the seasons changed and moved on without the ones we lost. Playing this music for hours on end was a profound way to digest the countless life transitions and hold time together.”

Does Spring Hide Its Joy depicts Kali Malone’s efforts to hold on to the one thing that seems to stay the same in this ever changing world and that is music. She creates an unforgettable audio experience that unveils her indisputable talent and passion for the craft.