Cavalli Boss Shares “Pink Cocaine” From Upcoming LP No Diamonds Allowed

Terrence Coates, aka Cavalli Boss, returns with another captivating single titled “Pink Cocaine.” The track comes off his upcoming debut album No Diamonds Allowed and will be accompanied by a music video, to be released soon.

Cavalli Boss plans to release No Diamonds Allowed in December. The American rapper and songwriter reveals that the title of the forthcoming LP is in fact a defying act against existing conditions of society and how things stand at the moment. The fearless artist unleashes his inner rebel with his creations, reflecting inner thoughts and ambitions. 

Addressing important subjects like substance abuse and dependency, Cavalli Boss urges his listeners to peek inside and find the hidden diamonds within them. This empowering mindset motivates them to break boundaries and discover their maximum potential and power. 

With songs like “Pink Cocaine” and a few more in the works, Cavalli Boss defends the evolution of individuality and stands firm against all cruelties that provoke hate speech and offensive behavior.