In-depth Chat With Rising Star Forgetmyname Who Just Dropped “Crazy”

Rising artist Forgetmyname just dropped a new single titled “Crazy”, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! This new talent started singing, writing lyrics and performing at a very young age. Today, she fuses various pop melodies with old-school arrangements and the results are simply sublime. We’ve had the chance to interview Forgetmyname on her latest releases and music in general. Enjoy the read!

First off, congrats on the new release! Digging deep into “Crazy,” what is it about? What inspired you to write it? And how did you eventually come up with the end result?

It’s about this phase you go through after being with someone for so long. Calling myself out on these little habits or events that had happened to me and accepting I had to relearn how to be on my own again. It’s produced by Isaac Buna who’s a great friend of mine. It was our first time working together and getting to know each other but it happened pretty quick. Initially the idea was to make something a little more fun and upbeat which rhythmically it is, but once I started writing it it just happened to be around the things that were going on in my head and that was it. He had a short demo of the intro and I wrote most of the song to it on replay that night. 

Do you head to the studio knowing what the song will sound like or do you create it on the spot?

Both, sometimes I just want to start all over because I’m not feeling the way I did last session or want to try something new. Other times I know exactly the direction I want the song to go.

What is the ultimate goal of the music you create? What messages would you like to convey with your songs? What musical accomplishments do you aspire to achieve?

Initially there is no goal for me. I think part of making the best music I can and having people be able to relate is authenticity. Being vulnerable enough to accept certain things and put them in songs. As a music fan that’s what I look for, I always love songs where the artist admits they’re at fault and their hard truths to themselves. That’s the point of it all, to admit people go through shit and when we listen to other people say something that resonates you realize we’re not going through them alone.

What is your absolute favorite artist of all time! Which artists old or new have influenced your sound? 

I really don’t have a favorite all-time artist. It can change by the day for me. Influences have also been so many because I had so many family members that would show me completely different genres and eras of music but some are Soda Stereo, Depeche Mode, The 1975, Tears for Fears, Jon Bellion, and Tame Impala.

Do you have any upcoming releases we should be looking forward to? Do you plan to release a new EP or LP?

Yesss, I have another single coming out most likely at the beginning of December!! Im very excited for this one, this song is both a closing and opening of a new era for Forgetmyname and the first song on the EP. Isaac and I are still in the process of working on the EP so I don’t think it’ll be completely done for another couple of months but this single will definitely set the tone. 

Name a few artists you would like to collaborate with in the future! With which artist would you like to tour around the world? 

There are so many Genres I want to explore in both Spanish and English so there’s definitely a few. Kevin Parker and Frank Ocean are 2 people I would love to get in the studio with just to even experience them making music alone. Would love to tour with the 1975; their live shows are incredible so to be able to experience that and get to tour with a band that I have looked up to like them I think would be really dope. 

How do you prepare for your live performances? How do you make sure to deliver the best experience possible for your fans?

I haven’t done any yeettt! Really just been working in the studio but it is something both Isaac and I touch base on when making any song so that when the time does that come it will be an interaction with the audience and I singing these songs to our own stories. 

Is there any specific show or festival you dream of headlining?

Reading and Leeds I would probably say is one of the festivals I have always wanted to attend myself from all the amazing lineups they’ve had over the years. So many artists that I grew up with and influences have played there. 

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