Brooke Daye Presents A New Single “1-800-F*CKYOU”

Singer-songwriter Brooke Daye has dropped a new track titled “1-800-F*CKYOU.” The phone number Brooke wishes existed is the premise of this song! It refers to a falling out with someone who was untrustworthy and didn’t have her back. It’s designed to help folks who are sick of being treated unfairly reclaim their power! The single ends in an amazing way since it goes directly to voicemail!

Brooke Daye showcases her voice, her distinct tone, and her sound that is unrivaled by other musicians today, as well as her own originality. She blends a variety of styles into her music, but she has a powerful voice, coupled with current melodic vocals and hook lines.

Truly an exceptional artist that will rise up the charts in no time! The single is gaining traction on Spotify as we speak; With thousands of streams already, Brooke is elevating to the top of the charts!

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