Vanessa Hudgens Will Star In “French Girl”

In a brand-new comedy, Vanessa Hudgens and Zach Braff are the stars! In the James A. Woods & Nicolas Wright-written and -directed film “French Girl,” which also stars William Fichtner and Evelyne Brochu, Hollywood celebrities also appear as themselves.

Gordon Kinski, a Brooklyn-based high school teacher who is portrayed by Braff, is the subject of the narrative. Brochu, who performs the role of chef Sophie Tremblay in the upcoming comedy, will portray his love interest in the picture.

The pair will visit Sophie’s homeland of Quebec City where they will run with Hudgens’ super-chef Ruby Collins, the proprietor of the Chateau Frontenac, who will put Sophie to the test for a Michelin 3-star rating.

Deadline reports that the feature film “is produced by Valerie D’Auteuil, Andre Rouleau through Caramel Films & Anders Bard through aBard Production. Paramount Global & Elevation Pictures are handling distribution worldwide. Production is currently underway in Montreal & Quebec City.”

In addition to being scheduled and busy, Hudgens has discussed her interest in paranormal creatures, saying that she is not afraid of developing a close relationship with supernatural beings and that she is eager to embrace this aspect of herself.

“I feel like as a kid, I naturally was a garden witch, like an earth witch, always playing in herbs and smooshing things up,” she explained during a recent interview with Nylon.

“I’ll come into places that don’t have remnant spirit energy and still feel things,” Vanessa confessed. “Honestly, when you live with it, it’s a casual thing. It’s not like they’re some ominous foreboding thing hovering above you. It’s like you see them and they literally look like people.”