Artist Sam Williams Officially Comes Out As Gay

Sam Williams, a country artist, is disclosing his sexual orientation for the first time, and he has a cute music video to go with it. The artist just debuted the music video for his song “Tilted Crown,” in which he battles the strains of his generational identity (he is the son of Hank Williams, Jr.) and kisses his partner in real life.

During a recent episode of Proud Radio with Hunter Kelly, he talked openly about the decision to expose his private life in that way, confessing: “I felt like I was promoting invisibility like I wasn’t being visible and wasn’t being myself. And I just thought it was the perfect opportunity to just show who I was.”

Williams continued by saying that despite being out in his personal life and with his label, he had never truly discussed his sexuality in public before.

“I identify as gay,” he clarified, “and I’ve never said that to anybody else… And it is scary, but it feels good.”

Williams thinks that being so upfront about being gay in that environment, which is still uncommon despite more LGBTQ+ country performers progressively coming out in recent years, would assist youngsters in the next generation who may be having identity issues.

“If I was a kid, and I was younger, and I saw somebody like myself doing an interview like this and just saying that, ‘This is who I am and I’m proud to be who I am,’ that would have been impactful for me,” he said.