PEAK Drops A Fresh Hip-Hop Tune “CANCEL”

Hip-hop represents a conceptual rejuvenation of the most potent in this new decade that we are approaching! This phenomenon permeates this incredibly enticing musical direction, as seen by rapper PEAK’s most recent single release in the single format, “CANCEL” The Canadian, who has previously produced a number of hits in his prior undertakings, is one of the most promising musicians in the genre.

The single has a fresh sound that gives the world a more lively feel. The second you start listening to “CANCEL,” your mood instantly improves as the song’s upbeat appeal draws you in to take it all in.  If you enjoy good music, you will undoubtedly enjoy “CANCEL” as a whole. As you listen to the performance’s skill, you get to hear each element and appreciate it equally.

Uncertainty, avoiding drama, and spending time with a girl are the elements of “CANCEL.” The catchy beat enables listeners to not only enjoy the song but also to connect with some of the sentiments expressed in the lyrics. In this second song from his upcoming project, PEAK adds a great chorus to the Hip-Hop/Pop production.

PEAK, a rising alternative Hip Hop/R&B musician residing in Vancouver who is originally from British Columbia, Canada, infuses each of his records with compelling poetry, passion, and appealing melodies. “CANCEL” has already amassed more than 50k streams on Spotify alone! Make sure you check it out below. 

PEAK can be found on Spotify | Instagram | Twitter