Nette Drops An Upbeat And Pop Single “Best Life”

In “Best Life,” Vancouver artist Nette makes fun of everyone’s attempts to maintain appearances in a time when social media plays such a significant role in our lives. The irony of the title is highlighted by the play on words. The song “Best Life” showcases the full brilliance of a magnificent voice, one that is lovely, full of fantastic melodies, and that parades its notes over an accompaniment that is flawless in execution and that possesses all the uniqueness and skill of a very experienced performer.

Known for her narrative and sensual, sweet voice, Nette is a singer, songwriter, and producer who began her career by performing all over Vancouver. She performs with an endearingly cheerful demeanor, and her songs provide a raw yet upbeat look at hardships, self-doubt, and self-discovery.  She is a proponent for women in the music business, having made her own way as a producer and singer and sharing her musical journey on TikTok. In October 2021, she self-released her debut single, “Feelings,” and she is currently working on her third song of 2022, “Best Life.”

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