Quasi Introduce New Album & Release Music Video For “Queen of Ears”

American Indie Rock duo Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss present the new visuals of “Queen of Ears” that comes off their forthcoming album Breaking the Balls of History. Set to be released February 10th via Sub Pop Records, the former spouses’ 12-track record will include songs like “Last Long Laugh” and “Gravity.”

In March, Quasi announced that they have signed with Sub Pop to work on Breaking the Balls of History, which will be their first album in ten years. The two had last released Mole City in 2013. The upcoming LP will be Weiss’ first new material since she left the rock band ‘Sleater-Kinney’ in 2019.

Coomes admitted that “When you’re younger and in a band, you make records because that’s what you do. But this time, the whole thing felt purposeful in a way that was unique to the circumstances.” Weiss added to his statement saying, “There’s no investing in the future anymore. The future is now. Do it now if you want to do it. Don’t put it off. All those things you only realize when it’s almost too late. It could be gone in a second.” 

Quasi have perfectly portrayed those ideas in the lyrics for “Queen of Ears,” “Meanwhile, you discover/ Your legs betray your head/ And lead you to the deserts of reason/ Where cardboard cowboys/ And vampires of every stripe/ Converge on empty schoolyards/ Rehearsing your demise/ But I, I float above it all/Wizard of Idleness/ Mistress of killing time/The immortal Queen of Ears.”

Check the full tracklist of Breaking the Balls of History below: 

01 Last Long Laugh 

02 Back in Your Tree 

03 Queen of Ears 

04 Gravity 

05 Shitty Is Pretty 

06 Riots & Jokes 

07 Breaking the Balls of History 

08 Doomscrollers 

09 Inbetweenness 

10 Nowheresville 

11 Rotten Wrock 

12 The Losers Win

Watch the official video of “Queen of Ears” here: