The Background World Releases A Fresh Tune “Why”

A two-person duo from Sweden called The Background World has released a song about bipolar emotions titled “Why”. A wonderfully beautiful song, this Swedish duo is so reminiscent of their countrymen Holy Now in their gorgeously etheral, jangly dream-pop. The harmonies are constructed to engulf the lyricism and guide us down this dirt road, on which we stroll gathering thoughts brought by the breeze or heaped up like stones on the ground, and so we find ourselves admiring the concepts underlying this delightful song.

The additional beats of synth-laden effervescence playing amiably against the dapper vocal disposition just add the needed spice and everything nice to this exquisite single! On a long, summertime car ride, the tune is the ideal track to listen to with the windows down. Now that their most appealing work has been released, The Background World is in a position to soar to new heights and have a significant influence on the music scene.
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