Milly Mason Presents “Our Autumn Day”

14-yr-old singer-songwriter Milly Mason has dropped a new single titled “Our Autumn Day.” The song “Our Autumn Day” is about avoiding the pressures of everyday life and the hard truths of the actual world in order to be still, be silent, and just enjoy the company of a person who is extremely important to you. 

Through the track “Our Autumn Day,” Milly Mason’s budding ability is showcased as she lends a sweet and welcoming touch to this tune. The Cardiff-born songwriter contributes a guitar that is clear but not overly loud, which meshes perfectly with this somewhat thick voice. She sings with a great vocal accent and tone, making it easy for us to follow along and enjoy the song.

It tells you that there are more essential aspects of life than those that depress us, including making certain that the individuals you love are aware of your love. She believes that it’s a wonderfully pleasant song and an important one in fact. Milly Mason’s songwriting skills exhibit insight beyond her years, and this year at Devauden and Lakefest, her live show has already astounded audiences.

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