Check Out The New Track “Sadie” By Jaime Deraz

Singer-songwriter Jaime Deraz has released an outstanding new single titled “Sadie.” In-depth memories of a brief but enduring affair are detailed in the emotion-driven pop song “Sadie.” In her song, Jaime Deraz confesses that she fell hard without even knowing their name. Lyrically, she puts her heart on her sleeve as she thinks back on the encounter. As the production intensifies, listeners are left hoping that the New Yorker will find her “star-crossed love” again. In the end, she discovers that all she has left are her memories and a place in her heart set aside for “Sadie.”

Jaime Deraz bases her songwriting on personal experience and unadulterated passion. She uses magnificent language and a somber rhythm to perfectly describe each scene. The happy disposition of the Long Island native and her melancholy voice provides a clear emotional ambiguity, which is captured in her poetry.

With more than 85 thousand streams on Spotify already, “Sadie” is rising to the top of the charts!
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