Renowned Hip-Hop Artist J Aktive Answers Questions About His Music And Exciting Future Plans

J Aktive is on top of his game with a recent single and music video “The One” garnering tens of thousands of plays. With a powerful presence and a charismatic personality, the artist makes unique melodies, adorned with razor-sharp verses that will have you singing along. J Aktive has also recently dropped his debut album Bad Luv which includes his hit single “Pist Off”. We’ve had the chance to interview J Aktive about his upcoming plans!

Congratulations on releasing your newest music video for “The One”! Tell us about its

production and execution process.

Thank you! This is my first storyboard video in a while. I had this vision of an innocent date at an

amusement park with a suspenseful twist. I brainstormed with Kayla Young (Videographer) to bring

my vision to life. We also brought on Janice Ecles (Actress) because I thought she had the perfect

look for what we were going for.

This is a song off the album Bad Luv. Do you have any plans to shoot a music video for any

other tracks on this album?

Absolutely! My next production will be the “Pist Off” video starring Yool, the Korean dance star that

helped my song to go viral. I’m really excited about this one because Yool is flying all the way out

from South Korea and it’s my number one song.

What inspired the creation of Bad Luv and its tracks?

Uhh, I would have to say my past relationship and all the bottled up emotions that I wanted to

express so I just put it all in one album to help me get through it all.

Which artists would you say you most admire? Why?

I admire so many artists for so many different reasons that it’s hard to pinpoint just one but I admire

artists who I feel can be 100% themselves in their music and not just a one sided character.

What is the most exciting aspect of being an independent artist and sharing your music?

I would have to say the most exciting part about being an independent artist is being able to express

myself how I want to and releasing music whenever I want to. Also just experiencing the learning

curve of marketing.

What’s next for J Aktive?

What’s next for me is the push of my next music video “Pist off” and afterward I’m working with

Kayla Young on a short film inspired by the “Bad Luv” album.