Listen To Lost Queen Track Featuring Freddie Mercury

New vocals from Freddie Mercury! One of the greatest rock bands of all time is Queen. The British band is reissuing a tune this week that had been missing for more than three decades. The song was recorded as they were working on their studio album The Miracle from 1989.

This song was recorded when Mercury was still alive, despite the fact that the band has been touring for the previous ten years with American Idol winner Adam Lambert as its main vocalist. As a result, it includes the late singer’s well-known voice.

The Miracle Collector’s Edition, a forthcoming special edition project with a November 18 release date, will include “Face It Alone.” In 1973, Queen released their self-titled first album, which was swiftly followed by Queen II in 1974. Between the 1970s and the 1990s, the band issued as many as 15 studio albums.

Unfortunately, 1989’s The Miracle, which was recorded after the band disbanded so that Mercury could pursue his solo career, has a very particular place in the hearts of fans. Mercury released Mr. Bad Guy in 1985 and Barcelona in 1988 as a solo artist. After reuniting a year later, Queen thrilled fans by releasing The Miracle.

Sadly, Mercury passed suddenly a few months after Innuendo was released in 1991. The band then released Made in Heaven, its final studio album, in 1995.