Watch “The Loneliest Time” by Carly Rae Jepsen’s Magical Music Video

Girls, gays, and theys continue to receive all they require from Carly Rae Jepsen!

The Loneliest Time, Jepsen’s sixth studio album, is getting closer than ever with a release date set for October 21! Western Wind, Beach House, Talking to Yourself, and The Loneliest Time are the four tracks that Jepsen has so far made available to promote the impending album.

The much-awaited music video for Jepsen’s song “The Loneliest Time,” which features Rufus Wainwright, was released on Tuesday, October 11. It is every bit as fanciful and enchanting as one could have hoped.

When Jepsen announced that he will release new songs in 2022, fans were ecstatic. After “Call Me Maybe” became a smash hit in 2011 and the Kiss album was subsequently released, Jepsen outdid herself with the critically lauded album Emotion.

Before releasing 2019’s Dedicated and its companion Dedicated Side B in 2020, Jepsen’s fans had to wait quite a long for a new album from her. Thankfully, Jepsen didn’t keep us waiting for too long since The Loneliest Time is almost here.

The new era of Jepsen has begun. Let the bops and the hits begin!