Although He Denies Queerbaiting Charlie Puth Is Inspired By “LGBTQ+ Culture”

In addition to following Charlie Puth’s career for his fantastic pop songs, many LGBTQ+ fans became more interested in the artist when he began to post more thirst traps on social media.

Puth discussed his relationship with the LGBTQ+ community during a GQ interview, as well as how he finds inspiration in queer people. One example is that the singer acknowledged frequently driving through West Hollywood, a Los Angeles neighborhood that is particularly accepting of LGBTQ people.

Puth made changes to a song that would eventually become “Loser” on one of those drives through WeHo. He wasn’t happy with what he had, and West Hollywood gave him the inspiration to make big alterations that improved the song.

Puth also claims that he has been posting thirst traps on social media more frequently recently as a result of exercising more and feeling better about his body, but that he doesn’t do so “to antagonize anybody.”  Although he wasn’t asked specifically about allegations that he had “queerbaited” his queer supporters, this seemed like a very straightforward answer to those allegations.

Puth is obviously motivated by the LGBTQ+ community’s capacity to impact popular culture and he clearly loves his queer supporters. Despite strongly identifying as straight, he appears to be at ease in his role as a supporter and ally of the community.

“I think LGBTQ+ culture is so ahead of its time, culturally, sonically, musically, everything-ly… that when I had a less than perfect song at the studio and I was by myself and I saw everybody having a great time, I literally heard a different song in my head,” Puth said in the interview. “I rearranged the whole thing, I drove back to the studio, I was so inspired.”