Luke Reyvn Drops The Delicious “Money Pies”

Luke Revyn has released yet another banger! “Money Pies” is a rough and boisterous pop-banger about disregarding prudence, focusing on life’s darker endeavors, and pursuing monetary prosperity and independence. “Money Pies” is rising high in the charts! With thousands of streams on Spotify already, Luke Revyn is a force to be reckoned with! 

After moving from his parent’s place to the notorious LA, he started creating fast-forward melodic style singles as a result of his early exposure to his love of rock and roll, hip-hop, and pop.

The single is also accompanied by a creative music video that conveys the artist baking “Money Pies”. Check it out below!

Reyvn wants to reassure his fans that he will continue to release very catchy energetic tracks in the wake of the success of his song “White Lies“! In 2023, Revyn will release his debut album, so be on the lookout for him.

Luke Reyvn can be found on Spotify | Youtube