Special Interest Presents “Foul”: New Anthem For Working Class Heroes

Following the release of “(Herman’s) House” and “Midnight Legend,” featuring Mykki Blanco, the Punk Rock band from New Orleans, Special Interest, dropped another track off their upcoming album Endure, which will come out on November 4th via Rough Trade.

The glam rock band’s guitarist Maria Elena reveals the inspiration behind the song: “This call and response tune is a working class anthem, Alli and I co-wrote the lyrics and sing it together with Ruth adding a classic line—foul! Ever so foul. It’s a dispatch from the dish pit! An ode to all beleaguered workers! Minimum balance savings account blues!”

Logout and Elena empathize with the blue-collar workers who day in and day out endure the stress of making a living: “If it’s not my joints/ It’s my patience/ If not my head/ It’s my heart/ Callused hands/ Tired fingers/ Sleep deprived/ It’s an art/ Short staffed/ Overworked/ God i need a cigarette/ Spinnin like a car cassette/ Knowing it’s against the law/ How do you even measure/ *time you’ve lost.”

Two years after their 2020 LP The Passion Of, Special Interest prepare to come back with a new record that includes the songs “Cherry Blue Intention,” “Love Scene,” “Kurdish Radio,” “My Displeasure,” “Impulse Control,” “Concerning Peace,” and “LA Blues.”

Listen to the Official Audio here: