YUNGBLUD’s Self-Titled Album Stands For Truth And Beautiful Expression

The British rockstar has outdone himself with his latest eponymous LP YUNGBLUD. Dominic Harrison explains that the recent record is his most genuine one yet, “It is proper neat whiskey, no mixer, no ice. It hits you straight at the back of your throat. That’s why I self-titled it because I feel it is my most authentic album so far.”

The 13-track album includes songs like “The Funeral,” “Tissues,” “Mad,” “Cruel Kids,” “Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today,”  “I Cry 2,” “Sweet Heroine,” “Don’t Go,” and “Memories” that features WILLOW. The 21-year-old American singer collaborated with Yungblud singing the verse: “I never wanted to cry/ I always thought I would make it right/ But now I’m stuck inside this shame instead/ “Pontificating hypocrite” is what you said/ When my heart breaks just a little bit I wanna drop dead/ I didn’t wanna concede/ Or call my fantasies make-believe/ Holding tightly to the task at hand/ When I really should be focusing to learn and understand/ But I bury all the tragedy with sand.”

Smith also recently covered Yungblud’s hit single “The Funeral.” She confessed to NME, “I just love the lyrics, I love just the vibe that he’s giving on this song. It feels very like Billy Idol to me. I just love the vibe that [Yungblud] has. And I learned it on acoustic guitar a few months ago and was just like, ‘I really love that song, so why not do that?’”

Harrison aspires to inspire people to feel comfortable with who they are. Yungblud admits that at the start of his career, he was more susceptible to criticism, but being someone who “loves kicking the bear,” he would never want be a conformist, “A life and a career without risk and opinion means you have been forgotten or you are boring and I’m not here to do that.”

With this new record, Yungblud has a clearer vision of his individual and artistic identity. Harrison shows maturity, awareness, and appreciation of human connection, “I feel there is so much in the world, yet everyone is searching for love.” The 25-year-old says:  “I want to destroy what it means to play by the rules. I want to stand for truth and connection and beautiful expression.”

After performing at the epic NFL halftime show last Sunday, Yungblud is all set to kick off the much-awaited world tour in Mexico City. Special guests will be joining the Donny singer-songwriter on the global arena tour in 2023. For the UK leg, he’ll be bringing along pop-punks NECK DEEP and for the Northern American tour he will be accompanied by The Regrettes

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