RHEUM Has Finally Dropped Their Debut Single “Oxygen”

Debuting their first single ever, RHEUM is here to elevate to the top of the charts with their single “Oxygen”! 

Henrik Pitzner Liljegren and Lars Arends, two brothers, are the musical forefathers of Rheum. With its powerful, catchy melodies and depressing feelings, the pair creates an artistic musical environment that is reminiscent of major artists like Depeche Mode, The Cure, and Tears For Fears.

“Oxygen” is a  lively and upbeat indie rock tune with vocal work that works in concert with the music to produce an exploration of synth sound that takes it to a wonderfully expressive level. This song, which was inspired by and influenced by two painful events—a car accident and Henrik’s loss of hearing in one ear—was born.

RHEUM can be found on Spotify