MOEBIUS Releases A Fresh New Track “Imposter”

On their new single “IMPOSTER,” Danish rock band MOEBIUS creates an epic mood with groovy guitars, dark saxophone, and catchy synthesizers that is reminiscent of Alt-J, Radiohead, and Foals.

The song initially focused on the idea that someone who doesn’t have a scar on their soul isn’t qualified to make art, in an effort to deconstruct the narrative of the artist who suffers. Since then, it has evolved to portray a tale of being stuck in life and goals, a paradox in the song’s topic where the pain is from not having suffered enough.

Alternative rock band MOEBIUS draws their influence from a variety of musical styles. Their blend of sonic ambiance and rigor matches their lyrical universe, which covers a variety of philosophical and amorous issues. They manage to transport the listener on a trip through love, sorrow, and the troubles they bring with them by combining flowing rock with solid beats and grooves.

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