Heart Tide Releases A Brand New Track Titled “Miss Your Calls”

Finnish alternative rock band Heart Tide has released a brand-new tune, “Miss Your Calls,” after putting their phone on quiet for a year. The song, which leans into indie pop and rock elements with addictive energy and a memorable, soaring chorus, is yet another new style the singer has explored. 

Samu Hieainen is a composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer who was born in Finland. His band, Heart Tide, has performed in the alternative, rock, and pop genres.

Frontman Samu Hietainen describes the intentions behind the music itself:

”After exploring much darker themes and sounds recently, I found it necessary to bring back some light and joy in some form, at least. That’s why ‘Miss Your Calls’ felt like the right track to release right now. Lyrically, though, I wanted to have some contrast while also being a bit tongue-in-cheek about everything. As always, some lines are there for you to interpret but generally it talks about connection, whether that’s online or offline, and how you can miss connecting with someone — like friends for example — in a way that’s not edited or superficial. You also wonder if it’s going to be the same after a while”.

A 3-track remix EP called “Mood Remixes” will follow “Miss Your Calls.” This EP includes three remixes of the song for various moods, including “rainy,” “cloudy,” and “sunny.”

Heart Tide can be found on Spotify | Instagram | TikTok | Twitter