Indie Pop Band Nation of Language Come Back With The Track “From the Hill”

American Trio Nation of Language released “From The Hill,” accompanied by a music video directed by John Mackay. The clip gives ‘90s home video vibes, showing off the band members’ authentic and quirky personalities. It is framed and shot by Penina Warren and Cece Chan, along with Mackay. 

“From The Hill”  is the first new song by Nation of Language, since their 2021 second studio album A Way Forward.  Aidan Noell, Michael Sue-Poi, and singer-songwriter Richard Devaney drop the first of a 7-single set that will come out on December 9.

Devaney reveals that the piece reflects “on times when friendships fall apart over romantic entanglement, accompanied by the sensation that you’re somehow watching it happen from above with a more zoomed-out perspective. It can feel at times like certain parts of life are a story with which you’re just following along—the characters enter, they play their role, and then they leave.Often it’ll feel sudden and catch you off guard, and other times you’re able to see that it’s the only way things could have played out despite what you may have wanted.”

The multi-instrumentalist speaks on behalf of the trio: “We’re in a moment right now where it feels good to get this out into the world.” Nation of Language is touring  the United States at the moment. They will then travel to Europe in November, performing at Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris and Berlin.

Watch the music video for “From The Hill” on YouTube: