LeAnn Rimes Release A New Album Titled “god’s work”

LeAnn Rimes’ enthusiasm from the public is unabated! The superstar has officially released god’s work, her 19th studio album, which coincides with a significant year in her life. Recently turning 40, Rimes is now formally marking 26 years in the music business.

Speaking about the album, LeAnn mentioned:

“god’s work is really an album that takes a look at the way we live in this duality of life. The title was reclaiming the word ‘God’ for myself. I like to say you can insert ‘love.’ It’s love’s work, it’s creation’s work. For me, this album was very powerful to create.”

After two turbulent years for everyone, Rimes poured her unprocessed feelings into the recording space.

“It took me on a ride of unearthing so many different complex emotions,” Rimes explains. “There’s a lot of joy on this record. There’s a lot of hope and there’s a lot of grief. There’s a lot of anger and rage. It really allowed me to tap into these emotions that were, especially for a woman in this world, not appropriate and not pretty. I really wanted to draw from that and give words to some of the things that we were feeling as human beings.”

The album gave Rimes a creative outlet as well as the chance to interact and communicate with her followers all across the world on a deep level.

“I feel like part of my gift is I help people feel. I help myself feel at the same time. I get really emotional about it because it is something that connects us all… these feelings, this shared experience. When people listen to this record, I’m hoping it opens up all those parts that they may be hiding or they may be suppressing.”

The artist has consistently raised awareness for underrepresented groups, notably women and the LGBTQ+ community.

“I have had so many incredible fans from the LGBTQ+ community and I feel their love. I hope they feel mine,” she says. “I know what it’s like to feel left out, to feel like you don’t belong, to feel like you have to hide yourself in order to be loved, and I’m so over it. I hope everybody else is too. We are all so deeply connected.”