The Rasmus Take A Bold Step And Share The Opening Track Of Their New Album Rise

Helsinki rock band The Rasmus dropped the music video for the opening track “Live And Never Die.” The song is from their comeback album Rise, which was released via Playground Music.

Directed by Georgius Misjura and Aleksei Kulikov, the visuals of “Live And Never Die” are a compilation of the band’s live shows and interactions with fans. The Roman Pototski produced video is full of high energy and exuberant spirits.

Lead singer Lauri Ylönen admits that despite being the last song they wrote, “Live And Never Die” turned out to be the perfect opening track, “I don’t think I’ve ever written anything with so many positive words and major chords. There’s a lot of motion and energy to it.” 

The song diffuses optimism and urges listeners to appreciate life, “When you’re born to be a fighter/ The countdown’s getting tighter/ Your life is on a timer/ And time ain’t on your side/ The cards are on the table/ From the day you leave the cradle/ You don’t even need a reason why…/ Just live and never die/ Cause every day’s another precious diamond/ Live and never die/ Cause everything you do you do for love.”

Rise took three years to finish due to the pandemic and its consequences. It was initially called Nightdivision, because of COVID separating the band members from each other. But later they decided to rename it to reflect the record’s positive mood. Ylönen is really excited and believes that this is the strongest the band has been in ages.

See the full tracklist For The Rasmus’ Album Rise:

  1. Live And Never Die 
  2. Rise 
  3. Fireflies 
  4. Be Somebody 
  5. Odyssey 
  6. Jezebel 
  7. Endless Horizon 
  8. Clouds
  9. Written In Blood 
  10. Evil

Watch the “Live and Never Die” music video here: