A New EP By Joshua Bassett Is Available Along With A Music Video

The new EP from Joshua Bassett is here, and it comes with a music video.

The actor revealed to fans that his first full studio album hasn’t been finished yet when teasing Sad Songs in a Hotel Room, his third EP, earlier this month.

Speaking about the EP, Joshua Bassett mentioned that:

“Sad Songs In A Hotel Room comes from a transient period of my life when I was constantly moving from hotel to Airbnb to a friend’s place, while also juggling some intense personal growth and change. Each song on the EP tells a different part of the story from that time. In some ways, these songs feel like a bridge from one chapter of my life to the next, and I felt an urgency to put them out as I finish my debut album.”

However, the six songs that make up this album should keep them entertained in the interim by offering a glimpse into Bassett’s latest thoughts.

“Everyone comes here / But nobody leaves,” he sings on his second track, “LA.” “Yeah, we’re all only actors / No one’s actually happy.”

Another song, “Lifeline,” about his encounter with heart failure in 2021, was released along with a music video.

“The doctors informed me that I had 12 hours to live,” Bassett said. “Faced with my own mortality, the first call I made was to my mother in San Diego who was on the very next flight to be by my side — she was my Lifeline.”