A Heart-to-Heart Chat With Sean2 Miles About “Favorite” Music Video, His Journey So Far, And The Future Of The Music Industry. 

Multi-genre producer Sean2 Miles recently shared the new music video for his smashing single “Favorite,” in collaboration with the talented singer and actress Paschan. Directed by Daniel Curtis Lee, the visuals include breathtaking scenery, tropical locations, and fiery club scenes. 

Our compliments to you and Paschan for the “Favorite” music video! The visuals give us a taste of the perfect end of summer party and good times with friends! Tell us more about the narrative and why you and your team decided to go in that artistic direction?

Thank you! We decided to go in that artistic direction because we wanted to highlight our favorite people doing our favorite things.

You’ve collaborated with Daniel Curtis Lee before, what was he like as a director? How did you two get together? When did you first start working together?

I’ve known Daniel for years. We are both from Mississippi. We have been collaborating and creating since we were kids. I enjoy working with Daniel because he’s honest and he’s very hard working. We do music together, we do movies together and Daniel is also one of my favorite people.

You’ve come a long way from the time you began your career till now, how do you feel about all that you’ve achieved so far and what are your biggest goals for the future? 

I feel very numb to my achievements because there is so much more I want to achieve. One of my biggest goals for the future is for my music to be adapted to and accepted by every culture in the world. I want my music to be timeless for years and years to come. 

Being born in Mississippi has clearly influenced your sound, what is the greatest legacy you’ve inherited from your predecessors? 

Mississippi is the birthplace of American music so I adapted that versatility in all genres of MY music, from Country to Blues to Rock n Roll to R&B. My forefathers paved the way, but unfortunately, society doesn’t credit that history as much as they should. 

Having been all over Asia, Latin America, and Africa, where else would you like to travel? Which countries would you like to perform in?

I would like to travel throughout the United Kingdom and I would love to perform in London at the O2 soon.

What do you feel about the ever-changing status of the music business, especially nowadays with the internet and streaming platforms taking over the industry? Where do you think it’s heading? Is this change good or bad?

I feel as the world continues to change, we also have to adapt. Get on the boat or get left. The Music Business will evolve more and more as time changes. I can’t say if it’s a good or bad thing. I don’t know where it’s heading but I plan to be 2 Miles Ahead of it!

Are there any specific genres you would like to experiment with in the future? How can an artist renew his sound without losing his artistic identity and authenticity?

That’s hard to say because I currently experiment with all genres, but I would like to have a hit record at the top of every chart. I believe an artist can renew his sound by being true to the sound and his artistic process. Music is perspective, the universal language, there is no right or wrong way of doing it.

Are there any other collaborations in store any time soon? Should we expect new singles to be released in the near future?

Yes, there will be more collaborations, you’ll have to wait and see with who. Yes, I will be releasing a follow up single to “Favorite” as well as some music from my next project. 

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